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Best Laser Surgeon in Jabalpur

Best Surgeon in Jabalpur

Dr. Atul Sule is one of the Best Laser Surgeon in Jabalpur with an experience of over two decades.

Dr. Atul Sule has performed more than 25000 successful surgeries in Jabalpur as well as in different part of India

Sule Hospital is a 23 years hospital located in Jabalpur and known for affordable laser surgery.

Best Laser Surgery Available for

Treatment for Varicose Veins




Pilonidal Sinus


Gall Bladder


Breast Cancer

Large Intestine and Stomach investigation done by Video Endoscopy at Sule Hospital

Best Laser Surgery for Piles

Untreated piles can lead to complications like anemia and weakness due to continue blood loss
Get the best surgeon in Jabalpur if you find the below symptoms

Painful Lumps in the Anus

Pain During Defecation

Strains of Blood in Stool

Defecation Along With Mucus

Feeling of Itching at the Anus


If you are facing with any such symptoms, you might be suffering from piles. Consult the best laser surgeon for treatment immediately.

Why Laser Treatment is One of the Best Option for Surgery

Laser treatment involves minimal invasive technique as compared to open surgery where cutting with blade is involved.
  • No blood loss associated in laser treatment if done be the best laser surgeon.
  • Laser surgery gives very minimum pain
  • Chance of infection is negligible with best laser surgery.
  • No dressing is required
  • Patients are relieved from long hospitalisation
  • Laser surgery assures that there is no chance of recurrence
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